Team FMP

Anthony Dixon


My past is just that. This is what I am. And where I’m going is unknown. I have been dedicated to killing and filming animals for the past nine years. My love for putting them on the table is what drives me, as well as the matching of instinct between man and animal.

The intensity of this kind of hunting is the driving force.

The game of hunting is always changing for me. There is no wrong way to kill, just different ways.

I used to wonder how I was going to kill them. Now I wonder how I can do it with an artistic style and value so people can get enjoyment out of watching it on the big screen. At the same time, I want to push hunters to experience something different, something that stimulates their thoughts and their hunts and in the long run changes them.

I hope I can keep on changing FMP. I never want you to put your finger on what FMP is or isn’t. I would ask you to be open to this way, open to life and the taking of it.